Attendance and behaviour

Please look over the Attendance Policy for further details on attendance procedures.


All students are expected to arrive at 9:00 in the morning.

If for any reason your child might be late, please let the centre know by calling the attendance team on 0115 915 1375, the main office on 0115 915 1271 or by contacting your child’s tutor mobile phone.


If pupils arrive after 9:30 they will be marked as late on the register.

Whole School Reward System

We encourage all parents to download and engage with Class Dojo, a school app that you can communicate with your child’s teachers but also see your child’s behaviour throughout the day, week or school year! If you have not been sent a code to download the app, please get in touch with your child’s tutor.

Pupils can earn Class Dojo points during lessons for positive behaviours which include:

    1. Completing all work
    2. Being kind
    3. Good effort
    4. Working hard
    5. Being polite

5 points can be awarded to students demonstrating the school values (Aspirational, Responsible, Enthusiastic).

Top scorers are entered into a weekly prize draw to receive a £10 gift voucher.

Positive scores of 85% or higher will earn students a place on monthly reward trips.

Pupils can lose Class Dojo pints for negative behaviours which include:

    1. Rudeness
    2. Refusal
    3. Late
    4. Leaving the class
    5. Inappropriate language.

5 points can be deducted for serious incidents.

The Behaviour Lead and Behaviour Support Assistants monitor Class Dojo to ensure poor behaviour is dealt with quickly and effectively.

Significant decline in points over a day or minus points will lead to removal from class to work elsewhere.

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