Principal’s welcome

Dear parent/carer/visitor,

Welcome to the website of Denewood and Unity Academies. I’m Mr McCluskey and I am very proud to be the principal of these two Academies, an educational setting for children permanently excluded from mainstream schools.

We have over 100 pupils on roll at Denewood Academy and over 140 on roll at Unity Academy. We value ourselves on creating an educational and social experience that meets the academic and emotional needs of all our learners. This is all within a framework of a caring, supportive and structured environment.

We have several different structures within the Academy that a young person will be in.

First off, one of Denewood Academy’s goals is to reintegrate pupils back into mainstream education. With personalised learning within a caring atmosphere and determination from young people and their parents, this can be achieved quickly. Sometimes, mainstream education isn’t right for everyone and we recognise this. We do facilitate long-term learning through the use of Alternative Provisions around Nottingham City and this is co-ordinated by Ms Williams.

Denewood Academy educates young people from age 7 to 14. We have a Key Stage 2 provision on-site for 12 pupils and also 30 pupils in Key Stage 3. It is here where our goal of reintegration takes place and all our teaching and learning team strive to support young learners through difficult times to ensure they can get back on track within education.

Unity Academy is our Key Stage 4 provision for 14 to 16 year olds. Here, most of our young people access their full-time education through Independent Schools and Alternative Providers. We also have a small on-site provision. We aim to appropriately place young people at a provision that is academically right for them. It is here that pupils can access GCSE’s, Functional Skills, BTEC’s, AIM and ASDAN awards and vocational qualifications.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Academies.

Kind regards,
M. McCluskey

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