Ethos and values


At Denewood and Unity Academies, our aim is to re-engage pupils with education and the learning process; restoring their love for learning. We passionately support the notion that every pupil is entitled to a second chance and with the right support and attitude they can achieve their full potential. We recognise that pupils who attend Denewood and Unity exhibit a wide range of both emotional and educational needs, which by their very nature can impinge negatively upon their progress. The aim is always to provide them with the highest quality provision.


Denewood and Unity promote the ‘ARE’ values that underpin the school curriculum:

  • Aspirational – Confident, resilient individuals who can recognise their strengths and engage in opportunities to improve.
  • Responsible – Active citizens able to lead safe, healthy lives who make a positive contribution to society.
  • Enthusiastic – Successful learners, who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve.

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