Successful Stories

The aim of Denewood and Unity Learning Centre is to integrate pupils back into a mainstream centre. Here you will find letters from parents of successful reintegrations and also any news of pupils achievement here at the Learning Centres.

A Year 6 pupil was reintegrated back into a mainstream primary after being here for a year. He and his mum wrote a thank you card to the KS2 team.


To all the staff at Denewood who have done an amazing job with A,

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to get A where he is today. You are all amazing and I know that A is going to miss you all very much. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


To Mr Lucas, Mr Stevenson, Miss Hetherington and Miss South,

Thank you for teaching me and having me. I will miss you all very much.

Love A

A Year 6 pupil was here on an intervention for 6 weeks. Here is a letter that his parents wrote about the Learning Centre when he left at the end of the Autumn 1 term 2014.


Dear Miss Doyle,

May we firstly thank you personally and all the staff who worked with our D this term.

To be honest we was scared to send him to the PRU because we had already seen some family members and friends children’s, over the years have some negative experiences. But for us it had challenged D's perspective of what is acceptable behaviour because every afternoon he would discuss and analyse the events that had occurred and go even further to encourage his younger brother to behave at school.

We feel that the teachers have given D a very positive introduction back into mainstream education and that they assisted him in regaining his trust in teachers especially Miss Williams and Miss Brown who D spoke of in high regard and have made a very positive impact on him.

It was also very welcoming to have positive updates daily, which helped us as parents because we believe that through our own disillusions this had damaged D’s relationships with some of the teachers at his pervious school.

Overall the PRU has assisted in effectively engaging with our son, in particular with his decision making.

Yours sincerely,

D’s parents

B started at Denewood in Year 6. The exclusion made B really think about his choices and he quickly proved that he learned from his mistakes. There was sadly no school places in year 6 for him to be reintegrated back into a primary school to take his SATS. B took them at Denewood and achieved marks just below national average which was fantastic news for him. B moved into the KS3 provision, but we quickly sourced a school and B has been attending an inner city secondary school since January 2017.


A pupil started at Denewood with a negative attitude towards school. What we discovered was that a change in technique in teaching him was all that was needed in ensuring he engaged with learning. He went back into a mainstream school in November 2016.


To all teachers in key stage 2,

Thank you for all your help and support. I hope you enjoy the roses.

From R


Another pupil started at Denewood in January 2016. After a rocky start, we worked with A and his relationships with peers. After a year, he was reintegrated back into a primary school in December 2016. A letter from his mum said:


To you all at Denewood,

Thank you so much for helping my son, A. Many thanks.




A Year 9 pupil arrived at Denewood Learning Centre back in the Summer 1 term 2014. He was a pleasure to teach and the potential within him to achieve far was huge. We integrated him back into a mainstream school, but due to incidents outside the Learning Centres hands, he sadly had to come back to us in Autumn 1 2014 when he was now in Year 10. He transitioned to Unity Learning Centre and onto AP. Here are his parents words:


To all the staff at Denewood,

My husband and myself would like to thank you all hugely for all the help and support that you have given our son L.

He arrived at Denewood low in self-confidence and self-esteem after being excluded from school and within weeks he was back to being the happy young man we know and love.

Now he is settled into his new school (after a few set backs) with all the Denewood staff helping every step of the way. An extra thanks to Matt Kay for doing his best to keep us up to date on everything!

Would just like to add that if all teachers had the time, patience and treated teenage boys (and girls) like the young adults they are, we wouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place. So well done and again, Thank You!!!

Yours sincerely,

L’s parents